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  "The first step to passing an exam is believing that you can pass it" ✅ MRCGP (UK and International)✅ PLAB ↗️ Courses↗️ Mocks↗️ Online↗️ 1-to-1↗️ Posters↗️ Videos

Next Live AKT Statistics Webinar Course 

Thursday 31st August 2017 (7-9.30pm), £35

Stats truly Simplified | Step-by-step principles | 2.5 intense hours | Build confidence through live online teaching



✓ Understand key graphs. Includes box plots, forrest plots, funnel plots, cates diagrams and scattergrams.


✓ How to interpret, how to use, how to conquer questions.



✓ Learn how to tackle high yield areas such as null hypothesis, P values, confidence intervals and standard deviation.


✓ Which clinical trials, when to use, how to use, how to interpret results.  




✓ Completely grasp screening tables - sensitivity, specificity, PPV, NPV.


✓ Understand key equations. Includes odds and risk ratios, NNT, NNH and screening tables.

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In a 'first of its kind' we are running a 2.5 hour live and interactive online course purely for AKT statistics.


Attend from the comfort of your own home, using desktop, laptop or tablet.  


Live detailed teaching and explanation of all key stats concepts needed for the AKT exam.


Examples of questions and how to tackle, including common areas of struggle.


Revision slides on screen, direct teaching through our web camera and questions to highlight key concepts. 

Pre and post-course questions/material emailed out to practice.


You can interact or stay silent, whichever suits you. There will be opportunity to post questions throughout the webinar. No-one will see you or know who else is attending the webinar.



- All the graphs.

- All the evidence.

- All the equations.



Once booked you will receive confirmation and a link to sign up to the webinar. On the day you simply join us for the live course at 7pm!


Please do email me for any questions otherwise look forward to seeing you there!



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