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     "The first step to passing an exam is believing that you can pass it" ✅ MRCGP (UK and International)✅ PLAB ↗️ Courses↗️ Webinars↗️ Mocks↗️ Online↗️ 1-to-1↗️ Posters↗️ Videos

✓ Focused private sessions with individuals or groups. 


✓ Detailed assessment of technique.  


✓ Aim for 3-4 challenging cases per hour with focused feedback. 


✓Choice of 3 or 4 hour session.


✓ Sessions held in Birmingham.

✓ "Many thanks for the teaching and support from yourself - every single part of what we learnt was relevant to the exam, I must score you 100%!". GPST3, Newcastle


✓ "The 3 sessions worked wonders!" GPST3, London


✓ "Thanks for the great tuition - so glad I came!" GPST3, Manchester

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