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     "The first step to passing an exam is believing that you can pass it" ✅ MRCGP (UK and International)✅ PLAB ↗️ Courses↗️ Webinars↗️ Mocks↗️ Online↗️ 1-to-1↗️ Posters↗️ Videos

120 CSA-type scenarios completely broken down over three evenings



Next 'CSA-120' Live Webinar Course:


- Tuesday 6th February, 7.30-10pm - First 40 cases 

- Wednesday 7th February, 7.30-10pm - Second 40 cases

- Thursday 8th February, 7.30-10pm - Third 40 cases



7.5 intense hours | What to cover, What not to miss, What could go wrong



"Detailed. Succinct. Refreshng"


"Key required theory in a nutshell - thank you!"


"Concise summary - bite size - just what we need!"


"Much more confident about my exam"





✓ Which clinical questions to ask: red flags, how to differentiate conditions, how to rule out referral


✓ Which additional questions are important: rules and regulations eg driving, important occupations to cover, which lifestyle elements are important. 


✓ How to make your questions relevant, focused and targetted



✓ Summaries of current guidance including medical managament and referral pointers. 


✓ How to manage the whole situation and not just the condition: what else would be important to cover?


 ✓ Which options are important, what can be shared, what is important in safety-netting.




✓ How to ask your questions. Examples of what works and what doesn't in a particular situation. 


✓ Focus on potential cues to look out for and how to act on them.


 ✓ How to make ensure how a discussion is patient-centered, both in data gathering and management. 

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Course Dates




In a 'first of its kind' we run a 7.5 hour live and interactive online course aimed at completely 'opening up' 120 potential CSA-type scenarios.


Ideal for those sitting both UK and International versions of the CSA exam. 


Attend from the comfort of your own home, using desktop, laptop or tablet.  


Spread over three evenings, experience live detailed teaching and explanation of key aspects of data gathering, interpersonal skills and clinical management.


Examples of how to ask questions and give explanations, including common areas of struggle.


You can interact or stay silent, whichever suits you. There will be opportunity to post questions throughout the webinar. No-one will see you or know who else is attending the webinar.



- All the questions.

- All the potential routes.

- All the management issues. 



Once booked you will receive confirmation and a link to sign up to the webinar. On the three days you simply join us for the live course at 7.30pm!


Please do email me for any questions otherwise look forward to seeing you there!


CSA '100 CASE' webinar

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