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role-play focused, Immersion csa course

Run by a GP and educator who has passed the CSA himself

30 cases in 1 day


✓ We've chosen those challenging cases that most usually struggle with. You will be exhausted at the end but will walk out much more confident. 


✓ We cut the lectures and talks. Mass learning happens during 12 hours of intense role-play and focused feedback. 

SMALL numbers


✓ Maximum 9 others on the day - this way we can tailor to your needs. 


✓ We aim to make it personal to you - individual debriefs at the beginning and at the end. 



✓ Everyone gets to experience back-to-back cases in the afternoon - see how you perform under pressure.


✓ Learn through mistakes, ommisions and errors. Pressure often makes learning more productive - not something that you often get when practicing in study groups. 




8am - The CSA and how to conquer it


8.30am - Role-play round 1 (10 cases)


11.45am - Lunch


12.30pm - Role-play round 2 (10 role-plays)


4.00pm - Coffee


4.15pm - Role-play round 3 (10 role-plays)


8pm - Close





✓ Wed 10 January - Birmingham (FULL)

✓ Sat 13 January - London (FULL)

✓ Sun 14 January - London (FULL)

✓ Wed 17 January - Manchester (FULL)

✓ Sat 20 January - Glasgow (FULL)

✓ Fri 26 January - London (FULL)

✓ Sat 27 January - London (FULL)

✓ Sun 28 January - Birmingham (FULL)

✓ Wed 31 January - Manchester (FULL)

✓ Fri 9 February - Birmingham (FULL)

✓ Sat 10 February - Birmingham (FULL)

✓ Sun 11 February - Manchester (FULL)

✓ Sat 17 February - London (FULL)

✓ Sun 18 February - London (FULL)

✓ Wed 21 February - London (FULL)

✓ Sat 24 February - Birmingham (FULL)

✓ Sun 25 February - London (FULL)

✓ Wed 28 February - London (FULL)

✓ Wed 14 March - London (FULL)

✓ Sat 17 March - Birmingham (FULL)

✓ Sun 18 March - Manchester (FULL)

✓ Sat 24 March - London (FULL)

✓ Wed 28 March - London (FULL)

✓ Sun 1 April - Manchester (FULL)

✓ Wed 4 April - Birmingham (FULL)

✓ Sun 15 April - Manchester (FULL)

✓ Wed 18 April - Birmingham (FULL)

✓ Fri 20 April - London (FULL)

✓ Sun 29 April - Manchester (FULL)




✓ Sat 11 August - Birmingham (NEW)

✓ Sun 12 August - London (NEW)

✓ Sat 18 August - Manchester (NEW)

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Course Dates

How will your course benefit me?


 Maximise Confidence. The first step to passing the CSA is believing that you can pass it. So far 100% of trainees have felt more confident after attending our course. 


✓ Reduce Anxiety. Stress and nerves are inevitable with this exam - we have been through it ourselves! So far 100% of trainees have felt more prepared for the CSA after attending our course.


✓ Guidance through Experience. As a GP and previous VTS Programme Director who has passed the CSA himself, Aman understands the requirements to pass. Aman has already run over 500 CSA courses and helped over 5000 trainees prepare for the CSA. 




Email: aroraMedicalEducation@gmail.com


Phone / Text / Whats'app: 07545543257


Facebook: arorameded


Twitter: @arorameded


Instagram: @arorameded


YouTube: AmanArora

1-Day CSA Course - Intense, Focus, Personal

Terms and Conditions of Booking


  1. All bookings are confirmed fully only upon payment. Receipts are available on request.
  2. Cancellations up to 14 days prior to session allows for a full refund. 
  3. Cancellations up to 7 days prior to session allows for a half refund (unless you can find a replacement, in which case the full amount will be refunded). 
  4. Cancellations after the 7 day limit does not allow for any refund (unless you can find a replacement, in which case the full amount will be refunded).
  5. All cancellations will be subject to a £50 administration charge (deducted from refund).
  6. All date changes/swaps will be subject to a £25 administration charge (to be paid before transfer onto another date).


By booking a place on a course, webinar, mock exam or private session, you are agreeing to all the above terms and conditions. 

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