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our FLAGSHIP 1-day csa course

Everything you need to experience about the CSA through immersion and intense role-play.


key features


✓ 30 challenging cases in 1 day

✓ 12 hours of intense CSA immersion

✓ Experience back-to-back cases

✓ Ongoing support to the exam day

✓ Boost your confidence

✓ Aman has passed the CSA himself

✓ Choice of venues across the UK


what you have said


"Incredibly relevant - no doubt bettered my chances of passing!"


"Honestly can't think of anything that could have been better!"


"Passed! Your course was amazing - thank you so much!"

2018 csa course dates


✓ Wed 10 January - Birmingham (FULL)

✓ Sat 13 January - London (FULL)

✓ Sun 14 January - London (FULL)

✓ Wed 17 January - Manchester (FULL)

✓ Sat 20 January - Glasgow (FULL)

✓ Fri 26 January - London (FULL)

✓ Sat 27 January - London (FULL)

✓ Sun 28 January - Birmingham (FULL)

✓ Wed 31 January - Manchester (FULL)

✓ Fri 9 February - Birmingham (FULL)

✓ Sat 10 February - Birmingham (FULL)

✓ Sun 11 February - Manchester (FULL)

✓ Sat 17 February - London (FULL)

✓ Sun 18 February - London (FULL)

✓ Wed 21 February - London (FULL)

✓ Sat 24 February - Birmingham (FULL)

✓ Sun 25 February - London (FULL)

✓ Wed 28 February - London (FULL)

✓ Wed 14 March - London (FULL)

✓ Sat 17 March - Birmingham (FULL)

✓ Sun 18 March - Manchester (FULL)

✓ Sat 24 March - London (FULL)

✓ Wed 28 March - London (FULL)

✓ Sun 1 April - Manchester (FULL)

✓ Wed 4 April - Birmingham (FULL)

✓ Sun 15 April - Manchester (FULL)

✓ Wed 18 April - Birmingham (FULL)

✓ Fri 20 April - London (FULL)

✓ Sun 29 April - Manchester (FULL)




✓ Sat 11 August - Birmingham (NEW)

✓ Sun 12 August - London (NEW)

✓ Sat 18 August - Manchester (NEW)

Secure a single place on an Arora Immersion CSA Course

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Course Dates



✓ 125 common scenarios completely broken down

✓ Clinically what to ask and how to manage

✓ Key links to PSY / ICE aspects of the case

✓ Fully interactive including a chance to ask questions

✓ Evenings, from comfort of your own home



✓ Daily audio clip revision on various aspects of cases

✓ Relevant links and resources for your CSA preparation

✓ Groups split into exam dates to make discussion more relevant

✓ Form study groups with colleagues close to you 





✓ Full 13 case mock CSA exam

✓ Feel the 'pressure' of the exam

✓ Discover your weak areas

✓ Detailed feedback on your performance

✓ Dates and times to suit you

personalised 1-to-1 csa sessions 


✓ Focused 3 or 4 hour sessions for specific CSA needs

✓ For individuals or groups of up to four people

✓ Work on specific areas or a global approach

✓ Tailored for early CSA preparation or last-minute review

✓ Dates and times to suit you


Online csa sessions


✓ Intense role-play practice from your own home

✓ Cases emailed in advance - aim for 6 an hour

✓ 1, 3 or 5 sessions packs available

✓ Dates and times to suit you 


60-day CSA revision poster


✓ Step-by-step guide to your CSA preparation 

✓ Focused approach to different case types

✓ Which questions to ask, what not to miss

✓ Key shared management areas and options

free csa videos


✓ Subscribe to our free YouTube channel

✓ Detailed videos on key CSA concepts/cases

✓ Concepts include ICE, shared management, red flags

✓ Case types include genetics, palliative care, angry patients




✓ Ways to make your preparation as productive as possible

✓ How you can use work and home as revision tools

✓ How to manage your 10 minutes effectively

✓ Common DO's and DON'Ts for the CSA

we've got the csa covered




Email: aroraMedicalEducation@gmail.com


Phone / Text / Whats'app: 07545543257


Facebook: arorameded


Twitter: @arorameded


Instagram: @arorameded


YouTube: AmanArora

Terms and Conditions of Booking


  1. All bookings are confirmed fully only upon payment. Receipts are available on request.
  2. Cancellations up to 14 days prior to session allows for a full refund. 
  3. Cancellations up to 7 days prior to session allows for a half refund (unless you can find a replacement, in which case the full amount will be refunded). 
  4. Cancellations after the 7 day limit does not allow for any refund (unless you can find a replacement, in which case the full amount will be refunded).
  5. All cancellations will be subject to a £50 administration charge (deducted from refund).
  6. All date changes/swaps will be subject to a £25 administration charge (to be paid before transfer onto another date).


By booking a place on a course, mock exam or private session, you are agreeing to all the above terms and conditions. 

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