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     "The first step to passing an exam is believing that you can pass it" ✅ MRCGP (UK and International)✅ PLAB ↗️ Courses↗️ Webinars↗️ Mocks↗️ Online↗️ 1-to-1↗️ Posters↗️ Videos

7.5 hours of clinical crammer webinars -

choose either 1 or 8 weeks before your AKT


3 x 2.5-hour sessions | All key symptoms, investigations, guidelines broken down


7.30-10pm, 3 evenings back-to-back



"WowI Gained so much from these!"


"Very clear, compact, high yield topics"


"No idea how to improve these at all!"



£120 for all 3 webinars

£95 for any 2 webinars

£55 for any single webinar


Day 1 


- Monday 27th Nov '17

- Monday 22nd Jan '18


✓ Cardiology

✓ Gastroenterology

✓ Paediatrics

✓ Ophthamology


✓ Renal

✓ Alcohol/Sub Misuse


Day 2


- Tuesday 28th Nov '17

- Tuesday 23rd Jan '18


✓ Respiratory

✓ Women's Health

✓ Psychiatry

✓ Dermatology

✓ Infectious Disease

✓ Haematology

✓ Sexual Health


Day 3


- Wednesday 29th Nov '17

- Wednesday 24th Jan '18


✓ Neurology

✓ Musculoskeletal

✓ Men's Health

✓ Rheumatology

✓ Genetics

✓ Endocrine

✓ Immunology


Secure an AKT Clinical Crammer Package (3 webinars)

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Course Dates




In a 'first of its kind' we are running a pack of three x 2.5-hour live and interactive AKT crammer sessions purely for those sitting the exam a week later.


Attend from the comfort of your own home, using desktop, laptop or tablet.  


Live detailed teaching and explanation of all key clinical AKT areas including all major guidelines.


Revision slides on screen with direct teaching. 


All course slides/presentations emailed to you afterwards for continued revision. 


You can interact or stay silent, whichever suits you. There will be opportunity to post questions throughout the webinar. No-one will see you or know who else is attending the webinar.


Once booked you will receive confirmation and a link to sign up to the webinar series. Each day you simply join us for the live course at 7.30pm!


Please do email me for any questions otherwise look forward to seeing you there!



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