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     "The first step to passing an exam is believing that you can pass it" ✅ MRCGP (UK and International)✅ PLAB ↗️ Courses↗️ Webinars↗️ Mocks↗️ Online↗️ 1-to-1↗️ Posters↗️ Videos


MBChB (Birmingham) MRCGP FRCGP DRCOG PGCertMedEd (Dundee) DipBSOM


Portfolio General Practitioner

GP VTS Programme Director

BAPIO West Mids GP Rep

Director AroraMedicalEducation Ltd.

Founder aroraMeditation


Ex GP Appraiser

Ex GMC PLAB Examiner



Aman is a Portfolio GP in Birmingham who is immersed in full-time medical education. After Medical School and Foundation Training in Birmingham he went on to complete GP Training on the City/Sandwell VTS Scheme, passing the CSA Exam first time and completing nMRCGP in 2010. 


He is fascinated by Medical Education of GP Trainees and apart from founding AroraMedicalEducation, he has run over 500 CSA and AKT courses in the last 6 years, as well as helped run CSA Sessions and Mock Exams at West Midlands VTS afternoons. He is a VTS Programme Director in Birmingham and prior to this worked as a TPD in Stafford. He is involved with the West Midlands International Medical Graduate Faculty, as well as having an interest in GP Recruitment. 


He has completed the Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education at the University of Dundee. Until recently he was also a GMC examiner for the PLAB 2 exam, as well as an NHS GP Appraiser


Aman's passion for Medical Education stems from both his variety of roles within education and from ongoing positive feedback from GP trainees. He regularly practices meditation (and is also a certified Meditation Trainer), and has keen interests in stress and mind management. 


He has already helped over 3000 GP Registrars from across the UK prepare for the AKT and CSA exams, and constantly strives for new and improved methods for easing the journey through GP training.  




Email: aroraMedicalEducation@gmail.com


Phone / Text / Whats'app: 07545543257


Facebook: arorameded


Twitter: @arorameded


Instagram: @arorameded


YouTube: AmanArora

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